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    RE: The Truth About The 6310i and Bluetooth

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    The Truth About The 6310i and Bluetooth

    FAQ: 6310i and Bluetooth

    I've written this in response to weeks of frustration with Nokia and
    in support of the thousands (literally -- use http://groups.google.com
    to search for "6310 bluetooth&quot of people who have experienced the
    same frustration. Since the Nokia representatives in this forum
    either don't know or won't tell the answers to these questions, here
    they are:

    1) I have a (insert name here) Bluetooth (card or usb dongle) that I'm
    trying to use with my 6310i. DUN, FAX, etc. work but the PC Suite
    doesn't. I get an error code 8004320A. What's going on?

    Answer: There is an odd, co-dependent relationship between the PC
    Suite, Digianswer-based Bluetooth devices (specifically, the
    Digianswer stack), and the 6310i firmware. Third party software
    that does phone management (phonebook editing, etc.) will
    typically try the following over a Bluetooth COM port and fail:




    Nokia 6310i




    Clearly, the PC Suite is using the Digianswer card and proprietary
    interactions with the 6310i firmware to make the PC Suite work.

    Why? Nokia won't say. Nokia will tell you that only their
    as-of-yet unreleased card is supported -- Easy to support something
    that doesn't exist -- Hard to understand why Nokia thinks they can
    turn a commodity like Bluetooth into proprietary product.
    Especially when they previously had a card that is now sold by
    Socket. The bottom line is that only Digianswer-based cards will
    work (mentioned in the PC Suite Troubleshooting guide), and then
    only sometimes (see below).

    2) I went to digianswer.com and they appear to be gone. Where do I
    find a Digianswer card?

    Answer: I can only speak from experience with one card, the Toshiba
    PA3053U. I found that CompUSA was having a sale on them for US$30
    and bought one. It is shipped with the Digianswer suite v1.08.
    V1.09, which provides Bluetooth 1.1 support, is available from

    Since Digianswer Bluetooth is completely subsumed within Motorola,
    one may presume their card will work. Rumor has it that the IBM
    card will also work. One may also presume that the Socket card,
    since it came from Nokia, will work. Others may exist. I don't
    know. For some reason, Nokia won't provide a list.

    3) Um... I got the same great deal on the Toshiba card you did, but it
    still doesn't work.

    Go to the control panel and open up the Bluetooth Configuration
    Tool. Make sure that one of the Digianswer Virtual COM Ports has
    Serial Port Profile checked. It should work. You may need a

    4) Everything seems to work except Application Installer.

    Yup. I still don't get this one. In the following Nokia Knowledge
    Network article:
    Petteri Bergius, from Nokia, claims that it should work.
    Unfortunately, when asked for clarification from a customer that is
    experiencing the same troubles we are, he ignores that customer.

    One might expect that the previously mentioned, as-of-yet
    unreleased Nokia card will also be Digianswer-based and suffer the
    same problem. I expect a firmware upgrade will be required to make
    it work. If Nokia is really interested in making customers happy
    with their purchase, they will fix the interaction shown in
    question 1, thus making it possible to use just about any Bluetooth

    I hope this is helpful. I hope that returning your Bluetooth cards
    and dongles does not involve a restocking or open-box fee. I'm still
    considering returning my telephone on the basis that it simply does
    not work as advertised. I went through similar troubles with the 3360
    and the firmware bugs that prevented PC Composer from working. I have
    to say that I will not be fooled a third time.

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    No more sheep at Nokia

    This is probably the best answer I have seen on a forum for this issue - thanks and shame on you Nokia for hiding behind your product support sheep fence.

    and Seppo / Forum Nokia, if we could get the hardware to work properly, then maybe you might see some more application related questions huh!

    FYI: I did get oneCom BT PC card to connect with the 6310i with a GSM connection on first installation. Reboot of PC then killed it. Probably the PC suite changed the settings

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    I have to admit that Sinanju`s thoughts on the operation between PC Suite and the 6310i over Bluetooth are very
    interesting however, I have got my 6310i working with a Belkin USB dongle (F8T003uk) and PC Suite 4.88

    In my case I just needed to get the firmware flashed up to V 5.51
    and now it works fine.

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    Even worse with the 6310 (non "i")

    I agree completely woith your statement.

    But for what I can read (I have spent hours seeking for a solution about this), there is a non-DigiAnswer solution for the 6310i.

    Unfortunately not for the 6310 for which just a few monthes after the initial release, there was a decision not to support it anymore (I mean no firmware ugrade anymore). ....which means there is no solution for using the PCSuite and bluetooth with it.

    Moreover, regarding the DUN profile, the callback is not working although it works fine with the IR link to my notebook.

    Very very much disappointing!

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    I have to ask, are you sure that you cannot get the 6310 firmware upgraded ?

    Only last week one of the managers I support took his 6310 to the local Nokia
    centre and while they could not flash it on the premises, they sent it back to Nokia
    and as far as I`m aware, the phone has now been upgraded sufficiently to be able to
    use Bluetooth with PCSuite.

    I will check (hopefully tomorrow) and post back with the result.

    I can`t comment on the callback not working as I`ve not tried to use it.


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    A bit late I know but I can now confirm that the 6310 (non i ) can indeed be flashed to Firmware Rev 5.51.

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