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    how to scroll a form or choice group, like contacts in mobile?In mobile we enter a character ,then it search that perticular character and move to that perticular character with d starting name of that . contactlist is scrolling to that perticular character and displaing d remaing with that starting character .how to do that?pls help me.


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    Re: scroll

    Hello reshmy

    I have some ideas:

    You can use a TextField and a Choice Group within a Form...
    For handling events in the TextField, give a check to the interface ItemStateListener and the method setItemStateListener of the class Form, with that you will be notified each time the user inputs a letter and then use the setSelectedIndex(int) method of Choice Group.

    The only thing would be to have both, the choice Group and the Textfiel, always in the same screen if the list is too long... maybe you will consider to use a popup choice group.

    Remember you can suggest the Display class to focus in any Item in a Form with the method:

    public void setCurrentItem(Item item)

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    Re: scroll

    Hi reshmy,
    U can actually set ur search to the phones default Contacts list using the PIM functionality.

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