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    Cool Launch messaging application with specific message

    Dear All,

    i create a message using CSendAs and i want to open the message application for this specific message i tried the following sequences but it doesn't succssed on 2nd edition sdk

    const TUid KFolderViewUid = { 2 };

    const TUid KMsvDraftIndexEntryUid = { KMsvDraftEntryIdValue };

    //KMessageID is the UID for the created message

    TBuf8<255> customMessage;


    //(KMessagingUid, KFolderViewUid),KMsvDraftIndexEntryUid,customMessage);


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    Cool Re: Launch messaging application with specific message


    You should use RSendAs for versions after 9.0. CSendAs is no more valid and has been deprecated.

    Now if you want to send/create message silently without the need for UI, you should use RSendAs.
    If you need a UI while creating message, you should use CSendUi.


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