Cant we use the normal MEDIA ATTRIBUTES to distinguish the SIP Invites as i had used in my capability definition

This is my capability definition

<ACCEPT value=\"application/sdp\"/>\
<ACCEPT value=\"\\\"/>\
<LINE name=\"m\" value=\"video 5102 RTP/AVP 105\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"rtpmap:105 h263-2000/90000\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"fmtp:105 profile=0; level=10\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"sendrecv\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"rtcp:5103\"/>\
<LINE name=\"m\" value=\"audio 5100 RTP/AVP 96 101\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"rtpmap:96 amr/8000\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"fmtp:96 mode-set=1; octet-align=1; robust-sorting=0\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"sendrecv\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"rtcp:5101\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"maxptime:20\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"ptime:20\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000\"/>\
<MEDIA_ATTRIBUTE value=\"fmtp:101 0-15,36\"/>\

As it is clear i have clearly specified the MEDIA ATTRIBUTES and the Invite to my device excatly has the same attriutes, still the invite is absorbed by the VOIP application only

In my case the SIP server is not in my control so i cant add any accept-header in the SIP Headers or any application specific media attriute in the SDP body; so it does not matter even if the capability exactly matches the SIP invite; invites always go to the default VOIP application only.

Is there any way around?