I am developing an application that requires exchanging of SIP messages between N95 and Softphone(Minisip).
Problem is that I am not able to receive SIP INVITE message from soft phone on my N95.

Interesting thing is that i am able to receive INVITE from soft phone when working on emulator. Also I am able to receive Instant message from soft phone on N95.

After analyzing the packets through Wireshark found that:
For every session soft phone is generating a separate Port. Can that be the reason of problem that i am facing. Does there exist any wild card to get messages from all ports?

In my capabilities list I have added following things:
<ACCEPT value=\"application/sdp\"/>\
<ACCEPT value=\"PTTApp/InstantMessage\"/>\
<ACCEPT value=\"text/plain\"/>\
<LINE name=\"m\" value=\"audio 30634 RTP/AVP 101\"/>\
<LINE name=\"m\" value=\"audio 32938 RTP/AVP 0\"/>\
<LINE name=\"m\" value=\"audio 34706 RTP/AVP 0 101\"/>\

Thanks and Regards