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    Nokia models witn Real Player

    Where could I get the list of Nokia Models where Real Player is preinstalled?

    I didn't get my SVG animations work with Nokia S60 browser SVG but they work with Real Player in N95 so I should limit myself to those and other models where Real Player is preinstalled.

    Thanks in advance,
    Veiko Herne

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    Re: Nokia models witn Real Player

    This is a product support question and Forum Nokia is for Developer's support. I don't believe there is any such list. You will probably have to pick a model then look its specs up at Nokia.com

    Also, there is an unmonitored product support forum where you can get attention and solutions from other users http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/ If you post your question there you may get a response.

    I hope this helps,


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    Re: Nokia models witn Real Player

    To my understanding all S60 3rd Edition, 3rd Edition FP1, etc devices
    Also (all?) S60 2nd Edition FP3 devices

    You could also search for real video formats with this advanced search tool


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