I got a CFont, using GetNearestFontInTwips, and set it into a CEikLabel.

Now I would like to change the label height, so that the height of the CEikLable would fit exactly to the text. I need it, because I want to manually layout the label on the screen, alongside other controls.

So I've overriden the container's Draw method, drawing the CEikLabel's rectangle, to see the different effects of my tests:

When I set the height of the CEikLabel to CFont::HeightInPixels, some characteres are cut, either above or below (depending on the vert_align property).

When I use CFont::HeightInPixels+CFont::DescendInPixels, I usually get some extra pixels.

Manully substracting some pixels, the bottom of the text gets cut, while at the top there are still some extra pixels (even when the vert_align is Top.

Is there anyway to do this right?