I have a J2ME application that is currently signed by Thawte. This app needs to have Read User Data, Edit User Data and Network Access set to Always Allowed. Whilst manually changing these settings is just about acceptable for advanced mobile users, it isn't great for the average customer.

Now I am trailing with a mobile operator to sign my application using the mobile operator protected signing ID. I have a few questions to ask:

1. Will the operator signing ID only work with devices that contain the operator root certificate?

2. Can I sign the application with both the Thawte and mobile operator ID's. Has anyone experienced this previously? What was the user experience like ie are you asked on start-up which ID to use?

3. Can the mobile operator send permission settings for J2ME, Read User Date, Edit User Data and Network Access to Always Allowed over the air, to avoid manual permission setup?

4. Can the mobile operator send their operator root certificate over the air?

5. Are there any methods to trigger app Permission settings on a device.

Any feedback on any of the points would be greatly appreciated.