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    mbm file runtime

    Hi All,
    i have an application which has got an image , i want to change that image at run time without recompiling my application i.e i will load that image in my handset and my application will access it at run time and change it.
    It is possible as i have got an application Mp3Player in which the application changes the background image at run time and that to it takes JPEG image from the default images appliaction of the handset and creates an mbm file from that image and applies it in the bachground .How is this possible and is it possible with publically available api's .

    Any Ideas?????

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Re: mbm file runtime

    Either you can have a predefined set of files in your mbm file. And change the IDs at runtime to display different images


    Open the image as u wish from the file system, decode it (I hope symbian has default decoders) and display.

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    Re: mbm file runtime

    the second option is possible, you need to use CImageEncoder to save the files and CImageDecoder to decode the files, once decoded, they can be used as if loaded from MBM...

    also note, using both the classes requires active objects, hence it is wise to use a wrapper and create a generic decoder/encoder which can then be used by the entire app anywhere :)

    hope this helps....
    Amit Kankani
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    Re: mbm file runtime

    If you already have the image loaded into the FBS server becasue for example you are already displaying it on the screen, the CFbsBitmap class has methods you to load and save the bitmap as an mbm file.
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