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    Multimedia clips supported?


    I have a few years experience with java programming, but new in developing for mobile devices. Recently I am assigned such a project and requirements are as below:
    1. Using nokia handphone to download some multimedia clips from web or PC. By multimedia clips, I mean 2d/3d animations with voices played.
    2. Using handphone to view the multimedia clips.

    I have spent a few days surfing net to try to figure out whether it is technically feasible by current technology. But there is no trivial answer. Could you help to advise on whether current technologies can accomplish this goal? If it can, could you please tell me how to achieve the goal? Thanks a lot in advance.

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    RE: Multimedia clips supported?


    MIPD 1.0 supports only .png graphics.

    Some video formata .nim , .3gp
    is supported in Mobile Media API, JSR-135,
    which is extension to Java MIDP 1.0.

    Basics of MMA
    Manager = Overall controller of the multimedia
    Creates a Player
    Player p = Manager.createPlayer(http://webserver/name.nim"

    Player = Content handler interface

    Control = Interface to control Player features

    Optional content-specific controls:
    ToneControl, VolumeControl, MIDIControl, etc.

    Based on the spec, in should work like this:
    VolumeControl vc;
    try {
    p = Manager.createPlayer("http://webserver/name.nim"

    // Grab volume control for the player.
    // Set Volume to max.
    vc = (VolumeControl)p.getControl("VolumeControl"
    if (vc != null)

    // To guarantee that the player can start with the smallest latency.

    // Non-blocking start
    } catch (IOException e) {
    } catch (MediaException e) {

    MMA Features supported in 3650

    Camera:snapshots in PNG, JPG, BMP
    Video:Playing a video clip: 3GP, ( NIM ) not recording
    Controls:VIDEO : VideoControl, VolumeControl, StopTimeControl

    WAV, MIDI, SF-MIDI and SP-MIDI, AMR Creation of Tone Sequence
    Sampled audio : VolumeControl, StopTimeControl
    Tone Sequence : ToneControl, VolumeControl, StopTimeControl
    MIDI : VolumeControl, StopTimeControl

    In future 3GP format will be better that .NIM

    Mobile media API will be part of MIDP 2.0 or direct subset.

    Some companies have develeper their own techics for animatios:

    Animoi's product portfolio consist of tools for creating animated messages, server software for building animated messaging services and J2ME player components which power animated messages in J2ME-enabled mobile devices.


    I hopr this helps you

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