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    infrared on the 7650

    What do I need in order to write a Java application which opens an infrared socket and sends or recieves messages from another 7650 device? Where can I find the required tools for download and how can I download the application from my PC to the NOKIA 7650?

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    RE: infrared on the 7650


    Unfortunately, you can't make an infrared connection from a Java MIDP application.

    You can transfer MIDP applications from a PC to your 7650 through the infrared port. For example in MS Windows you can send the jad and jar files from the file browser to the infrared recipient. 7650 supports bluetooth, so if your PC is bluetooth enabled you can send midlets using that technology as well. You can also download midlets to your 7650 Over The Air (OTA) from your PC but it means that you must be able to make a WAP connection to your PC. Maybe a little bit easier way is to transfer midlets to some web server which can be reached via some WAP access point that you are using.

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