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    help regarding audio streaming using HTTP api's

    I am working on streaming application which will recieve the streamed audio contents from server and play the same. I am using the HTTP Client Example provided by the nokia. I have few queries to accomplish the task:
    1) Should i request again and again to server to provide the streaming contents or one request is enough to start streaming. When i send the request to particular url which provide streaming using the provided client application, the response is recieved from server one time only, i.e status message and then the transaction gets completed
    2) I want that server keeps responding with the streaming contents. How should i accomplish the same? I have gone throush the Interenet Radio application but that is making use of sockets instead of HTTP api's.

    Any help regarding the same is welcomed.

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    Re: help regarding audio streaming using HTTP api's

    HTTP, is query responce thing, and it closes the connection after each reply, thus you should make multiple queries, or opt for sockets implementation maybe.

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