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Thread: Socket TTL

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    Socket TTL

    I am trying to change the ttl value in UDP packet by using KSoIpTTL option before sending the packet. However, it appears to be not working for multicast destination (works for unicast though). When I observe using sniffer, the packet has TTL value of 1. Any clue? SetOpt returns KErrNone and packet is also sent successfuly. Problem is only with TTL value.

    iSocket.Open(iSocketSrv,KAfInet, KSockDatagram, KProtocolInetUdp,iConnection);
    res = iSocket.SetOpt( KSoIpTTL, KSolInetIp, 5 );

    iSocket.SendTo(getBuff, toAddr, 0, iStatus);

    Documentation for KSoIpTTL seems to be incomplete. It mentions incomplete senstense:

    "Note: For the TTL of multicast destinations, "

    I tried with KSoIp6MulticastHops but it fails.

    Pls help
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    Re: Socket TTL


    No the documentation is precise, sometime back we tested the multicast ttl on emulator , it crashes for the system not able to handle it and the same works fine when tested on device. try on target it must work..

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    Re: Socket TTL

    I am not very sure about the problem. But I would like to share a small thought.

    The significance of TTL value is different for broadcast and multicast networks. The TTL value 1 looks like a valid value as the packet is restricted for same subnet. Its just a theory, i havent experimented it.


    you can check this link to know the significance of TTL value in multicast

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