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Thread: Text in M3G

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    Text in M3G

    Hi all,
    I'm displaying an M3G file in j2me. Is there any way to display text - something like a few characters in 3D that can be manipulated. If there aren't any APIs to do that, can you please suggest some other way.


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    Re: Text in M3G

    I use a font that I've put into an image (a PNG with an alpha channel), then draw a quad with texture coordinates corresponding to the letter in the image. This works relatively good, although M3G seems to have weird texture filtering which sometimes distorts the end result, mostly because it's mapping relatively few pixels per letter. Anyway, that's probably the most popular method regardless of the 3D API...


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    Re: Text in M3G

    Thanks, Bart. I'll give this a try.


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