I recently purchased a Nokia N95 8GB NA version from Dell. Unfortunately my Verisign signed midlet can not be installed in my brand new N95-4. The same signed midlet works perfectly in an unlocked NOkia N73.

With my N95-4, installing the signed midlet results in an error "Certificate Error: Contact the application provider".

I have followed some recommendations about disabling certificate checks, but that did not help resolve the problem.

Here is the list of certificates I can see currently installed in my brand new N95-4:

1. Baltimore CyberTrust Mobile Root
2. Baltimore CyberTrust Root
3. Entrust.net Secure Server Certification Authority(2)
4. Entrust.net Secure Server Certigication Authority (2048)
5. Entrust.net SEcure Server Certification Authority
6. Equifax secure Certificate Authority
7. Equifax Secure Global eBusiness CA-1
8. GlobalSign Certificate Authority
9. GlobalSign Root CA
10. GoDaddy Class 2
11. GTE Cyber Trust Global Root
12. MIDP2 GeoTrust CA for UTI
13. MIDP2 Nokia Content Signing CA
14. MIDP2 Nokia Root CA
15. MIDP2 Thawte Premium Server CA
16. MIDP2 VeriSign Inc Class 3 Public
17. Nokia Root CA
18. Nokia_Content_SIgning_CA
19. S60 Nokia Root CA
20. Starfield Class 2
21. SymbianA VeriSign Identity-Based ACS Root for Symbian OS
22. SymbianB VeriSign Testing-Based ACS Root for Symbian OS
23. SymbianC GeoTrust Testing-Based ACS Root for Symbian OS
24. SymbianD GeoTrust Identity-Based ACS Root for Symbian OS
25. Thawte Premium Server CA
26. Thawte Server CA
27. ValiCert Class 2
28. VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority
29. VeriSign G2 Class 3
30. VeriSign G2 Class 4
31. VeriSign G3 Class 3
32. VeriSign G3 Class 4
33. VeriSign RSA Secure Server CA

Certificates 1-11 and 17-33 have Internet/Online certif. check/VPN trust settings.

Certificates 12-16 (all MIDP2) have App. installation trust settigns.

Here is the firmware version:
V 1.2.011
Nokia N95 (A6.01)

Can someone help me figure out why I am unable to install my signed midlets?

Thanks a bunch.