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    Modifying Carbide UI designer code for view deactivation

    Hi, I'm working on an app that basically consists of 3 listbox controls, each in a separate view. I created the basic structure using the UI designer, but it seems that in the generated code, whenever you switch from one tab to another it deletes the internal listbox object for the original view and recreates it next time the view is activated. This is quite annoying because at least one of the 3 listboxes in my app can potentially contain a large number of items. Normally I would only have to populate it once since the contents don't need to be changed while the app is running, but with the UI designer code it needs repopulated every time it's activated.

    Is there a way to disable this behaviour through the UI designer? I'm sure I could do it myself by modifying the generated code, but since the relevant functions are inside auto generated regions I don't want to have my changes overwritten if I need to use the UI designer again...

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    Re: Modifying Carbide UI designer code for view deactivation

    The UI designer's code follows the principle that resources that are no longer in use should be destroyed in order to reduce the memory consumption. I doubt that there is a way to disable this.
    -- Lucian

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