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    Question N93i + TomTom GPS receiver problem

    Hi All,
    Before posting I did go through some of the threads already, however I didn't find anything that would answer my specific question. Sorry in advance if its in the wrong section but I wasn't sure where else to put it.

    SO, here is the problem.
    I have the N93i, and my old TomTom Bluetooth GPS receiver.
    Pairing through the normal bluetooth process is working fine and it recognises the device.
    However, with TomTom 6.02, the gps receiver just doesn't seem to be recognised or connected to. The bluetooth blinking light on the receiver just keeps on blinking and even though tomtom can see the receiver, it just doesn't connect to it.
    From the main menu of the phone (desktop view) you can see that there is a slight b-tooth connection but then its dropped.
    On the GPS window within the tomtom program it just says No GPS device.
    I tried connecting to "other" in the settings window and that wasn't giving any result at all. Deleting the paired device and trying from the program. Switching off Wlan on the phone etc etc.
    I tried a hard reset of the phone, reinstalling the software update from Nokia, but nothing helped.
    I tested the device again with my old Nokia 9500 and it is working fine. As soon as tomtom is starting, it gets connected to the BT receiver straight away.

    Here are the pictures of the gps receiver:



    Thanks to all in advance

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    Re: N93i + TomTom GPS receiver problem


    Looks you have problem in the TomTom 6.02, the gps receiver ?
    Have you checked the if there any known issues or simply you could try other version?

    It seems phone is trying to connect but the connection is dropped as a result the icon in phone also drops.

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    Re: N93i + TomTom GPS receiver problem

    Hi mahbub_s60,
    Thanks for your answer.
    I did try with my friends TomTom Navigator 6 program that he has. The software installs fine but the problem is the same.
    With the original nokia Navigator/Maps program its the same.
    I am starting to wonder whether the gps receiver might be just too old to work with the actual software. As the one on 9500 was the TT5.
    To be honest, I am completely lost
    Any ideas?

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