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    Setting up demo apps of 7210 midlets for website usage

    Hey folks,

    I haven't really checked on this yet so please excuse my laziness if this question has been asked already on this board before... I was wondering if there was anything that has already been developed to allow Nokia MIDlet developers to demonstrate the application on a website so people can evaluate the app before purchase. I could write a standard Java applet to do this, but it would take some extra time to implement. I just wanted to see if there was a standardized method for doing this before I started out on my own thing.


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    RE: Setting up demo apps of 7210 midlets for website usage


    At a moment there is no standardised method for doing you asked
    but please, have a look at this addr, it shows how to run MIDlet in a browser

    The purpose of this project is to make Java 2 Micro Edition APIs like LCDUI and the Generic Connection Framework available for the Java 2 Standard Edition.

    Provide some limited development support for platforms where no emulator is available.

    Allow demonstration of MIDlets before installantion on the device.
    Enable Personal Java devices to run MIDlets

    I hope this helps you

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    RE: Setting up demo apps of 7210 midlets for website usage

    Here is another applet for mipd emulation. However, I am yet to find a free emulator that supports the com.nokia.* packages


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