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    how to "UPDATE" a symbian database?

    I would like to know why does my code dont work. It display KERRAGUMENT error.

    import e32db
    import sys
    from db import db
    mydb = db('C:\\bms\\tr.db') 
    mydb.query("select sum(totamount) as tot from DocHeader")
    for row in mydb:    
        print "-> ",row[0], " <-"
    Guys who is expert in symbian db, please help.

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    Re: how to "UPDATE" a symbian database?

    hi rsf,

    I don't have much experience with database in pys60 but still i think we need to write u"C:\\bms\\tr.db" and i couldn't get where did you open the database?

    If i am telling you something wrong please rectify me.
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    Re: how to "UPDATE" a symbian database?

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    Re: how to "UPDATE" a symbian database?

    Hi rsf
    i cant actually spot out the problem but i guess the problem in your given code may be with the path of the file you are appending just have a check on that.

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