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    What is the main difference between MMS 2.0 and MMS 1.2?

    Where can I find the specifications or articles about this?

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    RE: What is the main difference between MMS 2.0 and MMS 1.2?


    Can you please clarify your question? Do you mean WAP 1.2 and WAP 2.0? MMS is defined in part of the WAP 2.0 specifications.

    Currently, everyone is implementing MMS 1.0.
    In Fall 2002, OMA announced new specifications with updates to include an enhanced MMS specification, dubbed OMA MMS Version 1.1.

    If you ever have any questions about a technology, consider visiting the Forum.Nokia.Com website first... you can do a search or look in the FAQs. This is the FAQ for MMS
    There is a list of MMS specifications on this page.

    This Forum Nokia page also says:
    "The WAP Forum and 3GPP standardize MMS and it is an open standard. The 3GPP specification defines the network architecture and general functions. The WAP Forum MMS specification defines message encapsulation and application protocols. Existing transport protocols are used for delivery."
    So, you can obtain the specifications at the OMA website (formerly WAP Forum):

    Good Luck and have fun!

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