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    How to make a Highscore Screen

    how can I make a Highscorescreen look like the one in the Nokia Game "Bounce"?

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    RE: How to make a Highscore Screen


    Please have a look at a document:

    Guidelines for Game Developers Using Nokia Java MIDP Devices v1.0
    File name: Guidelines_for_Game_Developers_v1_0.pdf
    Type: pdf Size: 368 kB Release date: 08-Nov-02

    This document presents guidelines for third-party Java MIDP game developers who wish to write MIDlets specifically targeted at Nokia?s MIDP devices.

    It can be found in forum.nokia.com/java
    ->J2ME MIDP Documentation

    I hope this helps you started

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    RE: How to make a Highscore Screen

    In my 6800 (Series 40 UI, game programmed on J2ME) Bounce high score screens seems to be just a simple Form with a single printed integer and a Back command in there. I guess this was not the case you asked. :-)

    In 9210i (Series 80 UI, game programmed on C++) Bounce high score screen seems to be implementable on MIDP by creating a FullCanvas that has a full screen (128x128 px in Series 40 devices and so on) PNG image in the background and the title and scores as String items in the foreground. Back command exists also but DO NOT to print the makeshift label for the Back command on the screen as it is against common guidelines.

    Hope this helps.

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