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    RConnection::Start opens internet connection?

    I want to make an automatic connection to the internet from a mobile phone, without having to select a IAP during executation of my application. I use the following code:



    TInt iapID = 7;
    TCommDbConnPref prefs;


    iListenSocket.Open(iSocketServ, KAfInet, KSockStream, KProtocolInetTcp, iConnection);

    err = iListenSocket.Bind(inetAddr);
    if (err != KErrNone) {
    print("error = %d \n", err);

    However, the call to the function bind returns -1.

    Only when I first make an explicit connection to the internet by means of another application, which explicitly asks me to select an IAP, the bind function works fine.
    But, as I understood, the call to iConnection.iStart(prefs) is supposed to make an internet connection itself.
    Why doesn´t that work?
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    Re: RConnection::Start opens internet connection?

    For automatic connection to the internet, you can set it in browser prefrences.

    go to browser -> options -> prefrences & change the default access point as u wish (internet / WAP / WLAN). And there will be some option like, Always ask / use default. Try using use default.

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    Re: RConnection::Start opens internet connection?

    Thanks for your answer.
    However, I don´t want to use any browser. I want to set the IAP by my own application and make a connection from this program as well, without having to start up a browser first. I thought, with RConnnection::Start this was possible?

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