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    Local IP address (emulator/mobile phone)

    I have an application for a socket server. I use the following to find out what the local IP adddress is (to later make a call to bind to this same address).

    RSocket sock;
    sock.Open(iSocketServ, KAfInet, KSockStream, KProtocolInetTcp);

    iConnection.GetIntSetting(_L("IAP\\Id"), iapId));

    TSoInetInterfaceInfo ifinfo;
    TPckg<TSoInetInterfaceInfo> ifinfopkg(ifinfo);

    TSoInetIfQuery ifquery;
    TPckg<TSoInetIfQuery> ifquerypkg(ifquery);

    sock.SetOpt(KSoInetEnumInterfaces, KSolInetIfCtrl);

    while(sock.GetOpt(KSoInetNextInterface, KSolInetIfCtrl, ifinfopkg) == KErrNone) {
    ifquery.iName = ifinfo.iName;
    sock.GetOpt(KSoInetIfQueryByName, KSolInetIfQuery, ifquerypkg);

    if(ifquery.iZone[1] == iapId) {
    if(ifinfo.iAddress.Address() > 0) {
    aAddr = ifinfo.iAddress;
    return KErrNone;

    On an emulator (S60_3rd_FP1_3), the above does not work. It goes twice through the loop, but the IAP-IDs and addresses it finds are always equal to 0. Why is this?
    On the mobile phone it returns an IP address of the form 169.x.x.x, which normally means that the adddress is non-valid (however, from another phone or the emulator I can actually connect to the socket using this IP address).

    On the other hand, the following code *does* find the local IP address on the emulator:

    // Get info about local IP address
    RHostResolver hostResolver;
    hostResolver.Open(iSocketServ, KAfInet, KProtocolInetTcp, iConnection);

    TBuf<255> hostName;

    TNameEntry nameEntry;
    hostResolver.GetByName(hostName, nameEntry);

    TNameRecord nameRec = nameEntry();
    TSockAddr sockAddr = nameRec.iAddr;

    GetInetAddressL(sockAddr, aInetAddr);

    Now, both on the emulator as on the mobile phone, I get an IP address of the form 192.x.x.x

    I would like to know why one code works and the other doesn´t, since I have found both types of code on the internet presented as valid solutions.

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    Re: Local IP address (emulator/mobile phone)


    check this wiki example code might help you..


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