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    Emulator and application icons


    After having created the workspace for the SDK series 60 examples (using abld ...), I use the visual studio 6.0 to build and execute the examples. The applications are all built successfully, but there is no icon created on the emulator to run them (except for the "Editor" example). Can anybody tell me where is the problem?

    Thanks in advance for any answer.

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    RE: Emulator and application icons


    This is weird. Can you try again to compile and build an application example provided in the SDK as follows:

    - Open the DOS prompt window
    - Go to the group subdirectory of an example
    - enter "bldmake bldfiles" command
    - enter "abld build wins udeb" command
    - run the emulator to find if the app appears in the Menu
    - You can also check if the application .app and .rSc files are located in the path \\release\wins\udeb\Z\system\apps\App_Name
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