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    Latest SDK installation problem...

    I've jst managed to download the latest (version 1.0) of the series 60 SDK...
    BUT before I install this, I have a number of questions that I hope someone can answer for me...
    1: Do I have to uninstall the version of the SDK that I already have installed, (at the moment 0.9) ??
    I have seen this doc on the Symbian site:


    Do I have to go through ALL of this, including the 'edit the registry entries using regedit' bits in order to uninstall the SDK..??

    2: If I dont have to uninstall the SDK that I currently have, will installing the 'new' SDK delete / over write all of the code that I currently have in the ..\Series60\ directory ??

    3: Is there a list of updates from the previous SDK (ie: 0.9 to 1.0 updates) available anywhere..??

    I hope someone can help me with these question...



    PS: happy new year... :0)

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    RE: Latest SDK installation problem...

    Not a full answer, but perhaps better than nothing: I uninstalled 0.9. This removes everything but files that you've changed or built. I then installed 1.0 in the same place, and things worked well. There is a readme in the zip file with some of the changes. One of the missing ones is that the camera server doesn't work in the emulator any more (for Win2000 anyway).

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