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    Raccoon 1.0.0 Available

    A new version of Raccoon is now available for download at SourceForge.

    • This version is primarily released for completeness and in order to get a closure. You really should use either MWS or PAMP.

    Raccoon is the original mobile web server that consists of:
    • A Symbian/S60 port of the Apache httpd web-server.
    • Some concept demos.
    • A connectivity solution that provides a mobile phone with a global domain name and with HTTP access to it from the Internet.
    • A connectivity service where you can sign up in order to get a domain name for your phone.

    MWS is a productization of Raccoon and it provides the feature list above in a much more consumer oriented package.

    From version 1.3 onwards, MWS uses exactly the same (apart from a different set of Platform Security capabilities) port of Apache httpd as is open sourced in the context of Raccoon and PAMP. Furthermore, the Apache httpd used by MWS is packaged so that it can replaced, e.g. with a version you have compiled yourself.

    Thus, there really is no reason to use Raccoon anymore:
    • If you are primarily interested in playing with the mobile web server concept and/or developing using Python, use MWS.
    • If you want to be at the bleading edge and run the complete AMP stack on a mobile phone, use PAMP. With a bit of tweaking you can even use PAMP as a part of MWS.

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