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    azerty keyboard configuration


    I was able to hook up an Apple wireless keyboard to my N95 8GB, via Bluetooth. However, I find it only types Qwerty, but I'm used to Azerty. The keyboard has an Azerty layout.

    Is there a way to change the S60 settings to accept Azerty keyboard input?


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    Re: azerty keyboard configuration

    Welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion board, As this is developer discussion forum, you might find more end-user related discussion baord better suited for yout query, here's link: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

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    Re: azerty keyboard configuration

    Hi there!

    Im making a universal appeal!
    I also bought the apple wireless keyboard for my N95 but I cant use any special characters like "é, á, ê, â, ñ, î, í, ô, ç" etc.. to write in Portuguese.
    Im sure a lot of people around the world have the same problem in their own languages.
    I made an exhaustive research on the internet to find any kind of solution but zero answer.
    I've been using the keyboard so far and its a fantastic experience to use it for make notes in a classroom for example.
    The only problem is the accents. With that it would be just perfect!
    So please if you know any answer to that issue let me know.
    PS. If you are a developer I challenge you to an application in order to make this work!

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