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    accessing Google calendar API, delete existing event

    I am trying to get code to work based on samples available at


    I would like to create a query to retrieve events between a date range and then
    delete each of those events.

    Below is a program fragment. The first loop works and prints out info
    on the events between the first of the year and two days ago.

    The second loop has a compiler error. I realize that an_event2 is not
    of the proper type. This is where I am stuck. I apologize for the sloppy code. I'm no python
    expert. I was trying to piece things together from the documentation
    samples. I only found samples where events to delete had been just

    query = gdata.calendar.service.CalendarEventQuery('default',
    'private', 'full')
    query.start_min = '2008-01-01'

    today = datetime.date.today()
    twodays = datetime.timedelta(days=2)
    twodaysago = today
    twodaysago -= twodays

    query.start_max = twodaysago.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')
    feed = calendar_service.CalendarQuery(query)
    for i, an_event in enumerate(feed.entry):
    print '\t%s. %s' % (i, an_event.title.text,)
    for a_when in an_event.when:
    print '\t\tStart time: %s' % (a_when.start_time,)
    print '\t\tEnd time: %s' % (a_when.end_time,)

    feed = calendar_service.CalendarQuery(query)
    for an_event2 in enumerate(feed.entry):

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    Re: accessing Google calendar API, delete existing event

    Hi ndodge and welcome to the Python Discussion Board.

    Could you please put CODE tags around your code to keep it indented and make it more visible? Just use the "#" sign button when editing/replying.
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