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    Canvas and paint()


    I wrote an Midlet for my N82 phone. My problem is that I can't call a config Method that setups some variables for painting with paint().

    MyCanvas myCanvas = new MyCanvas();
    		calcPixelPosition(longitudCurrent, latitudeCurrent);
    		myCanvas.drawImages(xCurrent, yCurrent, config.getTileSize());
    		d = Display.getDisplay(this);
    The Methode
    myCanvas.drawImages(xCurrent, yCurrent, config.getTileSize());

    sets some variables but on my phone it is never called... in the emulator with eclipse it is called and the paint image draws the right image... but on my phone it doesn't.

    it seems that the myCanvas variable is never initailzed, because drawImages() is never called bevor paint() method is called.

    Can anyone help me??


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    Re: Canvas and paint()


    Does this drawImages method trigger a new Thread?
    If this is the same thread... there's no way it is not called... (really weird)

    Could you post some code of the constructor of the class MyCanvas and the method drawImages to see what is happening?

    What emulator are you using?

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    Re: Canvas and paint()

    It is really impossible to debug your code with this incomplete code snippet.
    It could be that readConfig() fails. It could be that calcPixelPosition() fails. It could be that new MyCanvas() fails. etc.


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    Re: Canvas and paint()

    As Hartti has write that its really hard to find the problem in you this code segment.Either put the more information or try yourself.

    You better can do like this:--

    1.Put the SOP's and check. OR
    2.Debug your code On IDE. OR

    Always put the code in try block so that you can easily trace the exception and all.

    I must say there is a exception thrown in your code.Try to find in this way..
    Hope you can fix it...
    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

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