I display a Dialog box,Showing some info and OK softKey.It works fine,but if I dont press the ok Key for some time.Then the Dialog box disapperas and only the OK softkey can be seen.Any idea what the problem could be.I have included my Code snippet

HBufC* title = StringLoader::LoadLC( R_MYAPP_CAPTION );
CAknQueryDialog* dialog = CAknQueryDialog::NewL( CAknQueryDialog::ENoTone );
CleanupStack::PushL( dialog );
HBufC* prompt = StringLoader::LoadLC( R_MYAPP_STRING);
dialog->SetPromptL( *prompt );
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( prompt );
CleanupStack::Pop( dialog );
dialog->PrepareLC( R_COMMON_DIALOG );
dialog->QueryHeading()->SetTextL( *title );
if( dialog->RunLD() == EAknSoftkeyOk )