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    Open Signed online (query)

    I have developed an application which is using Location capability. I want to get it signed using the Open Signed online option. I have developed this application using Carbide c++ express edition which generated a random UID in the E Range for me. It is 0xE403E9FC.
     MMP file
    UID		  0x100039CE 0xE403E9FC
    VENDORID	  	  0
    SECUREID		  0xE403E9FC
    PKG File
    ; standard SIS file header
    i want to know whether i can get it open signed using this uid or do i need to get a separate uid from the site and again generate the sis file using it.

    thanks and regards,

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    Re: Open Signed online (query)

    For Open Signed Online any kind of UID should work.

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    Re: Open Signed online (query)

    Anyone can sign an application in the 0xExxxxxxx range.
    If you have requested a UID via your Symbian Signed account ( will be in the 0x2xxxxxxx range), then only you can sign applications with your UID's from the range allocated specifically to your email address.
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