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    JSR 179 with no GPS

    What happens if a device supports JSR 179 (location API), but doesn't have built in or bluetooth GPS? If I have a program that attempts to obtain a GPS location, will it crash, or just never pick up a GPS position? I do have a manual option in the program for selecting position, so I was just wondering if the application would at least still work, even though it can't detect position. There are many devices like this, such as the N93, N81, N76 etc, where this situation could potentially occur if bluetooth GPS exists.

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    Re: JSR 179 with no GPS


    If I remember it right, it might depend on the manufacturer's implementation. On Nokia devices it will try to get the coordinates from the built-in GPS if one is available, otherwise will try to find extenal GPS module. If it is not possible to get the coordinates, null might be returned by the acquisition methods, so you should check it to avoid NullPointerExceptions, etc...

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