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    Flashlite and XML

    Hello everyone,
    I have created a simple addressbook application that stores the address details of individuals in the form of XML in the device.

    I have used kunerilite for writing into xml file.

    It works fine except that when the data in xml exceeds 800 bytes the application quits. I cam to know from kunerlite forum that the file plugin of kunerilite has the max limit of 800 bytes.

    Therefore I am unable to store more than 5-6 contact details.

    Could anyone help me out in this regard.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Flashlite and XML

    I've successfully used KuneriLite to write files bigger that 800 bytes.
    Anyway, you will surely get better help from KuneriLite team on their forums, since they're very quick to reply to developers' posts.


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    Re: Flashlite and XML

    You can use POST method to transfer larger quantity of data in comparing to that of GET

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