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    Question SettingList

    Hi, im workin on a program that shows a list as UI to present data to the user, but

    now i need to add a setting list to the app, my actual list work as expected, but i

    dont know how to add the function to show the other list (Settings), the code to

    create and set my actual list is as follows

    void CContainer::ConstructL(const TRect& aRect)
    	TResourceReader rr;
    	CreateWindowL ();
    	iEikonEnv->CreateResourceReaderLC(rr, R_LOC_LISTBOX_RESOURCE);
    	iListBox = new (ELeave) CAknDoubleStyleListBox ();
    	iListBox->SetContainerWindowL ( *this);
    	iListBox->ConstructFromResourceL ( rr);
    	CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy ();
    	CEikScrollBarFrame* sb = iListBox->CreateScrollBarFrameL ();
    	sb->SetScrollBarVisibilityL (CEikScrollBarFrame::EOn,
    	itemList = iListBox->Model()->ItemTextArray ();
    	iItemArray = (CDesCArray*) itemList;
    	SetRect (aRect);
    	ActivateL ();
    so i add the Settings item in my resource so it can be used from my command

    handler, and it shows a note indicating that "Settings" has been selected. this in

    my CAppUi

    void CAppUi::HandleCommandL(TInt aCommand)
    	switch ( aCommand)
    	case ESettingCmd:
    		CAknInformationNote* note = new (ELeave) CAknInformationNote;
    		informationNote->ExecuteLD(_L("Settings Selected"));
    		iAppContainer->ShowSettings(ClientRect ())
    	case EAknSoftkeyExit:
    		Exit ();
    Now i want to change the list that is in view like screen switch so the SettingList can be shown, i intent to do this with the red line in the code above,

    what i try was to implement this method as this but what i receive is a CONE 10 panic, how can i achieve what i intent to do then? thank you

    void CLbsReferenceContainer::ShowSettings(const TRect& aRect)
    	iSettingList = new (ELeave) CAknSettingItemList;
    	iSettingList->SetContainerWindowL ( *this);
    	SetRect (aRect);
    	ActivateL ();
    it is necesary to extend the CAknSettingItemList in order to use it?
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    Re: SettingList

    you are trying to display settings listbox in the same view,when you call ActivateL() in your ShowSettings() function.It panics because it is already owning a window.you have to create this listbox in anathor view and switch the view in HandleCommand()
    using ActivateLocalView()

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