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    Exclamation a dummie question


    I am using the following example


    #include "GpsPositionRequest.h"

    CGpsPositionRequest* request = CGpsPositionRequest::NewLC(_L("<value in target name of mmp file>"));
    TBool result = request->GetCurrentPostionL(latitude, longitude);

    (I am getting a couple of errors in the above lines)

    undefined identifier 'CGpsPositionRequest::NewLC'
    undefined identifier 'GetCurrentPostionL'

    From the example,
    "My Application" was substituted with the name in the Target Name of .MMP file.

    What could be the reason for the error?

    Many thanks in anticipation!

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    Re: a dummie question

    Check your mmp file that all files are included under source heading. e.g if the new file you added is XYZ.cpp , you should see it under source heading in mmp file. if its not there add it... i think this is the problem.

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