I created a simple application using VC Wizard for Series 60 application. Then later added a HandlePointerEventL function to the Container Class. The HandlePointerEventL function got all my 7650 Arrow Up, down, left, right in The EMULATOR. The same application dint work when i uploaded the application to my 7650 Nokia device. Can anyone help me here. I dont understand why my code works well in the emulator and not in the target device.

I used VC6 and generated a simple EIKON application. Then added HandlePointerEventL function as shown below. I dint add anything else to keep it simple. I would appreciate any help to solve this simpple problem!.

void CPointerTestContainer::HandlePointerEventL(const TPointerEvent& aPointerEvent)

// iEikonEnv->InfoMsg(_L("PointerEvent"));
// iEikonEnv->AlertWin(kpointer);
iLabel->SetTextL(_L(" Pointer "));


Thanks in advance