Hey folks,

I'm trying to implement a high score table in the game I'm about to finish for the Nokia 7210 model phone. I've been playing around with the RecordStore a little bit to get the data saving procedures down, but I have a question before I start bearing down on development. First of all, I need to be able to store a 5 character string in a record. I see that the addRecord function takes a 3rd parameter that contains the number of bytes of the data being sent. How do I get the size of the string variable in bytes? In C it's sizeof(), but I haven't found a comparable function in J2ME. Getting the bytes of the string itsself isn't a problem, I found the getBytes function within the String class. Can anyone lead me to the right function to get the number of bytes stored within a String object, or pretty much any other variable type?

Thanks in advance,