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    Can we share dll among applications in 3rd ed?

    Hello All,

    I want to share dll among applications in 3rd ed.
    Scenario is:
    I am developing two application say A & B which are using xyz.dll. Now appication A is there on device & if i am trying to install B it gives me "Update error".

    I wanted to do this... If Application A is there on device which uses xyz.dll then s/w installer should allow application B which is also using xyz.dll to get install. Also if i removed application B from device then this should not remove xyz.dll sothat my previous application A will continue to execute there. How to do this?

    any pointer to this is really helpful.


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    Re: Can we share dll among applications in 3rd ed?

    You might need to make an independent installation sis for that dll.

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    Re: Can we share dll among applications in 3rd ed?

    There is a dependency keyword in the package file syntax for this purpose. Unfortunately there is a known issue where, even if you install via a separate package as an embedded sis, the dependency still gets removed when you install the original package - I think it's been fixed recently but if you want to target all the millions of 3rd Edition phones out there... So... you have to install the dll via a separate sis file separately first and then make it a dependency in your application.

    If you are going for commercial distribution then there is a workaround - I think you should be able to find it on the Psiloc blog (google for it) but basically rather than embedding the sis file you just include it as an ordinary file and then create an executable which you install and auto-run after the install process that then launches the sis file and hence installs your dll (only doing the last part if the dll isn't present already).

    Hope that makes sense.


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