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    8310 sms through hyperterminal

    Hi.I currently doing a project about sending sms.My questions..

    1.I connect Nokia 8310 to PC COM1 through a data cable. Can I straight away send sms by typing AT-Command on hyper-terminal(9600,8,N,1)? Or do I need any software like data suite?

    Thank you very much for your responding.


    Tan Cherng Yann

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    RE: 8310 sms through hyperterminal


    In most of the cases you need a generic driver for the modem in your Windows, not necessarily the one Nokia provides. I can't be sure if you can communicate without one. Naturally you can try the Hyperterminal to the COM port assigned to your IR-port with 19200,8,N,1.

    I would recommend to use the drivers available at http://www.nokia.com/cda1/0,1080,1589,00.html

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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