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    Screen Rotation on N95

    Hi --

    I've got an application that uses CWsScreenDevice::GetScreenModeSizeAndRotation() to get the current orientation of the display. It works fantastic on most of the N95s (RM-159) and other phones that we currently have. But on one N95 (RM-320), it seems to be off by 90 degrees.

    We've tried updating firmware, just in case there was a bug that has been corrected, but that didn't make a difference. Was something changed on this model of the N95? And more importantly, how can I reliably get the orientation of the display?


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    Re: Screen Rotation on N95

    Dont know if this has anything to do with anything but regarding the orientation there was some changes in screen orientation features in latest firmware for rm-320. At least now i noticed it flips the screen automatically. Maybe this confuses the GetScreenModeSizeAndRotation() method...
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    Re: Screen Rotation on N95

    I also did notice some problems on N95 8GB, where the device did not think its normal layout was default one... Anyway, can not remember which firmware it was, but I suppose some firmware versions have some problems. anyway, you always get correct pixel size for the screen, so you could maybe use that for determining what is happening.

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