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    Exclamation any way to fix corrupt mp4?

    Hey folks,

    a few days ago I did an interview with a n70 mobile. Due to power loss the phone went off while filming. I recovered an "camcorder tmp"-File which seems to have the size of the not yet saved mp4. I still didn´t find a way to repair it or to get the saved pictures out of it. So far I tried "all media fixer", mp4box/yamp and a few mux/demux-utils.

    If anybody got an idea on how to fix that file, please tell me . It was a interview with the philosopher Bob Random and I really would like to see it once again.

    Filmspecs are:
    Codec: MPEG-4 Video, 352x288, 16,7 Mio.
    Audio: AAC, Mono, 16khz
    FPS: 14,93
    Bitrate: about 560kb/s (depends)

    I uploaded the file to http://www.david-schubert.com/mp4file/CamcorderTMP.mp4

    I would offer to pay 20$ via paypal if someone fixes it. The project I´m doing is completely non-profit, but I really would like the video to be part of it.

    Hope anyone gets the point.

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    Re: any way to fix corrupt mp4?

    Don´t got anybody an idea?

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