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    Nokie 6500 slide & V40 5th Editon

    I was wondering if the latest J2ME games and apps support sound effects and music simultaneously? And does the 6500 slide considered fast for a J2ME device?

    I also heard a rumor that its possible to upgrade a 6500 slide to V60 series. Is there any truth to this?

    Thanks a whole bunch!!

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    Re: Nokie 6500 slide & V40 5th Editon

    Hi normedia1! Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!! :)

    6500 slide is a Series 40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1 device and it supports JSR 234 Advanced Multimedia Supplements(Music and 3D Audio)
    More info : Java ME API support on Nokia devices

    6500 slide is one of the latest devices in Series 40 5th ed FP 1 and in my personal experience its does have good processing power for Java ME apps.

    By "V60 series" do you mean S60 with Symbian OS ? If so its not possible to upgrade/change firmware of 6500 slide to S60. But you can update with a newer firmware for 6500 Slide.


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    Re: Nokie 6500 slide & V40 5th Editon

    About phones Java-related performances, you can find a lot of useful data (and upload yours) here:



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