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    why does graphic part became slow?

    hello, i made a multiuser game that uses gps data to control the avatars. I been trying that each player in the game can send its gps coordinates to a database in a server using httplib...
    but when i begin to send data all the graphic part becomes slow.
    Do anybody know why is this?

    this function is in the main loop of the programm and when it get called ( it gets called when it connects to the gps satellites) the graphic part becaomes slow.

    Anybody have any idea of how to fix this?



    def senddata():
             conn.request("POST", "/cgi-bin/recibebasedathon.py", params, headers)
             response = conn.getresponse()

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    Re: why does graphic part became slow?

    Hello oyuky,
    you should call the senddata() in a separat thread to avoid the graphic to slow down or hang.
    But threads are an isue of its own. To much to tell in one post. Look for threads in the forum.

    greetings and happy threading

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