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Thread: No app icon

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    i installed latest version for 3rd edition on my e61i, but i can't find the application.

    On the "App. Manager" I see a puzzle piece with a red square, "Python for S60" "installed".

    if I click details I see
    version 1.04(3)
    status Installed
    Phone Memory
    size 909Kb
    Format Symbian OStm
    certificates 2 Nokia Content.

    I can't find it on any folder. not even on the app list for the stand by app list or "my key".

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    Re: No app icon

    you have to install the python scripting shell...

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    Re: No app icon

    @GCB : Seems you are a newbie to PyS60.

    You need to install the proper version of Python Script shell in addition to the Python for S60 that you have already installed. You can find the python script shell downloads here

    Moreover do not miss the Forum Nokia Wiki, which has quality python articles and snippets.

    Best Regards,
    Pankaj Nathani

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