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    Forum Nokia at webDU conference, Sydney 12-13 June


    Forum Nokia team will be participating WebDu Conference (www.webdu.com.au) at Sydney, 12-13 June. We are going to have a presentation slot and also a booth there...

    find more details here...http://forumnokia.event-microsite.co...N-webDUv2.html

    feel free to post feedback and ideas on what you would like to hear more from us during conf...

    Product Marketing Manager, Forum Nokia APAC

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    Re: Forum Nokia at webDU conference, Sydney 12-13 June

    This is a great conference and recommend anyone who can get there to make an effort to attend. This is my fifth year (I missed the first one ) and my fourth as a speaker, and it's always a great time of learning, inspiration, and socialising with other developers and industry representatives. Really happy to see Nokia there this year!

    I'll be giving a session on Flash Lite 3 and working with Flash video (http://www.webdu.com.au/go/session/t...le-flash-video) which is also a big topic for the Nokia ecosystem as well. Come and say hi!

    Dale Rankine, Founder & CEO Moket
    Website: www.moket.com
    Email: dale@moket.com
    Blog: www.dalerankine.com

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