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    How to download streaming video?

    I'm trying to make a wap site by using XHTML. When I use link <a href="rtsp:...></a> to a connect a streaming sever, the browser always display #Unkown URL Scheme.
    In my testing mobile, I have installed RealOne Player and use same rtsp URL it can connect to the straming server.
    Is anybody can help me solve this problem?

    hxd Huang

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    RE: How to download streaming video?


    Depending on the phone model and SW version you have, using
    <a href="rtsp:...> most likely is not supported... because it has not been approved to be added to WAP or XHTML browsers.

    The best way is to use a ram file. Try this format:
    <a href="http://filename.ram"> click to view </a>
    The ram file will launch R1P which has the RTSP link.

    You will need to create ".ram" file that points to the RTSP link you are using. You will find plenty of information on ".ram" files if you search on the internet.

    Good Luck and have fun!

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