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    Obtaining vendor Id

    we have one of our application symbian signed recently.
    We have specified vendor Id to be 0 (zero) for this. Now we want to get our own vendor Id.
    I came across this link which tells how to obtain vendor Id, "http://www3.symbian.com/faq.nsf/0/5B852C72B95A6692802572890041E2CB?OpenDocument"
    but it couldn't help.
    It ask to send an internal message to username "symbiansigned", which I don't understand and do not found this on Symbian Developer Network website.

    Can anybody help here in how do we send such a request for vendor Id?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Obtaining vendor Id

    Could be that it means user named symbiansigned at their discussion board.. not really efective way on communicating, but you could try PM the user.

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    Re: Obtaining vendor Id

    I don't see this as being too difficult.

    Goto developer.symbian.com and login or register using the link at the top right.
    Once logged in, look for the envelope icon, also on the top right
    click on that, that will take you to your inbox.

    you can create a message to the user SymbianSigned there.
    Download Symbian OS now! [url]http://developer.symbian.org[/url]

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    Re: Obtaining vendor Id

    Thanks Guys, It helped.

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