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    win7 rda only blank screen

    I'got win7 pro 64bit and having big problems with RDA, application starts but the screen is blank.
    I'v read and tried this:

    ..but it dosen't work.
    I'v tried changing manually the .jnpl association, I'v tried a couple of programs to do that, I'v tried executing javaws in compatible mode...but NOTHING works.
    I went drastic...unistalled all 64bit java, rebooted, installed ONLY 32bit java (v6.10),tested using opera 32bit (these 2 worked fine on my old xpsp2), but NOTHING changes...RDA screen is still blank...

    And now I'm out of ideas...

    Can you help?


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    Re: win7 rda only blank screen

    How about installing latest Java JDK (you can install both, 32-bit and 64-bit) and then open your command prompt and type "java" to check whether its installed or not...
    If some commands show up then its successful. (Else you have to set your environment variables manually)

    Try RDA back, it should be working...

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