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    How to send binary sms using S60 SDK emulator ?

    Hi ,

    How could we test sending SMS using the emulator(since i dont have any device)? is it possible by using to S60 emuls in same machine? or any other way out ?

    what is the API used to send binary sms, and how could we achieve that, any guidance ?

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    Re: How to send binary sms using S60 SDK emulator ?

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    Re: How to send binary sms using S60 SDK emulator ?

    Hi ,

    Thanks for the reply!

    I followed the link provided, if i send the sms after setting up the service center(like 123), i can see the sms in sent folder but but how can i see the sms in my emulator inbox? (i am using S60 3rd edition). do i have to change any settings in the box or i need to add some extra code for that?

    One more question is how could i view the binary sms? (after sending sms, while i click on the sms in sent folder it says format not supported)

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    Re: How to send binary sms using S60 SDK emulator ?

    The ultimate solution is configuring the Nokia Connectivity Framework (NCF), and its SMSC emulator. That configuration does full emulation, changes PDU type (since Submit PDU should become Delivery PDU when it arrives, for example To address will be replaced with From address, etc.)

    The intermediate solution is moving the files from epoc32\winscw\c\smsout to epoc32\winscw\c\smsin: the file will disappear, and the SMS will arrive to the Inbox. However with this method the PDU type does not change, so the header will still say To:, and in case of binary SMS-s you may expect other problems too.

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