I am trying to connect to a remote server on a specific port via WAP.
I have studied SDK doc, Symbian OS Comm programming and seen couple of unanswered similar queries here.
I have configured RAS on my Win2k server and a WAP gatway.I have put a WML page on this server for testing.Through my application running on 7650, I make GET request for this page and that is working fine.So in that way I have tested it.
Now the problems :
First I want to connect to my TCP/IP server running on this server listening on a particular port say 8800.
I am trying it by passing URI as http://<hostIP>:<port>
Is there any other way to do it?
Second I want to put an file to server and then receive from server.Now you can guess I want to open permanent connection.
So for that I am using RWSPCOConn class.

My queries are:
Open() in RWSPCOConn
TInt Open(RWAPServ& aServer,const TDesC8& aRemoteHost,TPort aRemotePort,TPort aLocalPort,TBearer aBearer,TBool aSecureConn)
takes aRemoteHost which is said to be WAP gateway but whatever WAP gateway is specify here, I always get list of Access Point available after Connect() and it gets connected too...point of confusion.
I am specifying port as 9201 (continuous,non-secure)

As per Connect() given in RWSPCOConn
TInt Connect(const TDesC8& aClientHeaders, CCapCodec* aCap)
seems to be synchronuous but in fact it is not and how it can be?
and neither it is taking TRequestStatus argument...so it is very confusing

What should be passed as aClientHeaders in function above
For getting wml page it is text/vnd.wap.wml but what if anything else say a XML file.

CreateTransaction() in RWSPCOConn
TInt CreateTransaction(TMethod aMethod,const TDesC& aURI, const TDesC8& aHeaders,const TDesC8& aBody, RWSPCOTrans& aTrans)
take aHeaders?How this is different from clientHeaders supplied above in Connect()

So in all there are whole lot of problems ranging from connection to file types,If anybody here can provide any suggestion, I shall be highly thankful.

Any working example will be matchless

thanks and regards